Google Seeks Self-Driving Car Suppliers

ben sheehy sports news denver co google carTechnology is finally catching up to our science-fiction driven ideas, as self-driving vehicles are just around the corner. Google is taking the next steps in producing its fully autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will be able to transport human passengers free of a steering wheels, brakes, and accelerators.

Google is currently communicating with various automakers around the world. These communications are an attempt to assemble a global supplier team and push its self-driving vehicles to market. Some of the suppliers Google has reach out to include Bosch, ZF Lenksysteme, LG, Roush, and Continental. Roush has already been confirmed as the company who engineered the two-seater vehicle which Google expects to test drive via public roads this year.

Some expected Google to reach out to larger, more notable automakers, but they just are not at that stage yet. Once the vehicles are safe and ready for commercialization, then Google will seek these partners to build the vehicles and release on the market. As reported by Reuters, Google has contacted GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota.

At some point this year Google will release its fleet of test vehicles. Google expects a fully autonomous vehicle within the next 5 years – a sentiment shared by famed auto and space pioneer Elon Musk. As Musk pointed out, while the vehicles may be ready for prime time, it is very likely that federal regulations will delay the introduction of everyday driving until around 2022.

As someone who takes such pride and joy in manually operating a vehicle, I am still on the fence, but it is hard to deny how amazing an accomplishment this will be.


from Ben Sheehy | Sports Cars


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